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 +===== Webhosting =====
 +We provide cost-efficient, ecologically aware webspace and websites.
 +Our infrastructure provides a backup-system, redundancy, support, and upgrades.
 +Problems are quickly solved, our servers are stable and well maintained.
 +==== Hostingsolutions ====
 +[[en:s3-paket|The s3-Package]] provides all that a small business needs for a good web-representation. [[en:s3-paket|The s3-Package]] also is a nice and easy-to-use solution for clubs and other (private) undertakings in order to provide an information platform.
 +Furthermore we offer individual hosting solutions. [[|Contact us]] to find out more.
 +==== Portals ====
 +A web portal with specific functionality provides many advantages for co-workers and clients.
 +  * make status information available to your clients 24/7
 +  * encrypted communication
 +  * information-pooling
 +  * individual solutions
 +Those are but a few of the advantages your enterprise could have. This is much depending on you business.
 +Find out how to make business conduction easier.
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