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 +====== FAQ ======
 +...and its answers!
 +====== What does CMS stand for? ======
 +Content Management System. No technical knowledge needed to manage content.
 +====== Glossary ======
 +Find here some explanations for terms used on this webpage.
 +===== CMS =====
 +The s3-Package CMS is dokuwiki.
 +==== Why dokuwiki? ====
 +Dokuwiki is simple, diverse, well maintained, and extendable. 
 +==== What does s3 stand for ====
 +Simpel. Schnell. Stabil. (German for simple, fast, stable)
 +===== SPOC =====
 +[[|Single Point Of Contact]]. Increase efficient information flow by talking directly to the right person. 
 +====== IPIA ======
 +Questions concerning IPIA.
 +==== What is the meaning of the name IPIA ====
 +IPIA is an acronym and stands for Internae Prosperitates Ianuam Amplitudinis. This is Latin for opportunely balanced inner structure leads to greatness.
 +Loosely interpreted one may say:
 +  * The devil is in the detail.
 +  * Well balanced structures lead to success.
 +Do you have more questions, [[|let us know]].
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