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The s3-Package

your homapage with s3

Our s3-Package has many advantages. It forms a good base for your homepage which is easy-to-manage by you autonomously. Via CMS no technical knowledge is needed to modify the content. Just a little bit of common sense.

The CMS is user-friendly open source software, which is professionally maintained and steadily optimised. The use of OSS makes it possible for us to offer you this professional service at a low price, because you pay but the effort invested in customising. No software-license fees!

Complicated tasks are conducted by IPIA, easy tasks can well be handled by the client-side. The s3-homepage is extendable according to your needs due to its modular build.

Choose from a lot of templates a base layout for your webpage and get a good-looking composition of text and images, design and navigational elements.

In short: the s3-Package is a low-price, simple solution for your homepage, and it is intuitvely and quickly editable.


  • information platform
  • simple usage / edit
  • informationsegregation
  • usergroups
  • access control lists
  • extendable
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