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The following links lead you to our references, our business partners, and our favoured OSS tools.


Take a look at our references.

We present to you proudly some examples of our creative work in webdesign.



  • AdFinis SyGroup - Datacenter; Be smart. Think Open Source.
  • switchplus AG - Domain Names, Registrar; switchplus, reliable internet services logo switch
  • Jane Mumford - graphical design and 2D animation
  • Peter Huonker - 3D animation


  • dokuwiki (CMS) - easy-to-use wiki software
  • phpgraphy - PHP photogallery, simple and efficient
  • Imagemagick - scriptcapable image manipulation program suite
  • CVS - Concurrent Versions System
  • mozilla OSS project to ease the use of the internet
    • thunderbird - email client, simple, free, established
    • firefox - free web browser focused on usability and security
  • linux - free kernel, the heart of any operating system
  • GNU - free software to build an operating system
  • GNOME - OSS desktop environment
  • Debian - operating system using the linux kernel and GNU software
  • Geany - integrated desktop environment (IDE), very flexible
  • GIMP - top notch image manipulation program by GNU
  • blender 3D - free and open 3D modelling software
  • openSSH - OSS, encryption
  • PHP - The scripting language in the internet
  • MySQL - database software

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