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About Us

IPIA F.Dreher is a sole proprietorship enterprise based in Zurich, Switzerland. We solve problems. That we are actively doing so since 2009. What started as side-project during the years of studying has grown to its current state.

We support OSS with our inputs which we continuously collect and pass on. Every successful project with IPIA means a profit to the OSS community, a community against license fee rip-off and pro free software. We are a part of this OSS community. Internet access and free software are fundamental rights for everybody. As Wikipedia collects all knowledge into one version accessible to all, so does OSS bundle efforts. OSS gains from a growing user crowd. If you participate, you will automatically give something back.

Together we are strong! Support free software by using it and gaining from it. makes it possible.


Our passionate core team combines complementary skillsets:


  • F. Dreher – founder & developer

Together with our business partners we are willing to give our best for your project.

IPIA, the Name

Why Latin? The ancient Romans rose combining the knowledge scattered about their growing empire. Open communication and open source software are accessible throughout the world via internet. Yet they require to be set to use. Be smart, think global, think human, think open source. All resources at our fingertips: get on board and profit now. Read more about the translation in the FAQ.

- Life can get easier.

Our Field of Engagement

IPIA is focused on the needs of small and medium-sized companies. There is no solid reason for small companies to have a poor infrastructure. One does not need milloins to be invested in proprietory software or license-fees as some big companies do. Those expenses work to the advantage of a small circle of people. Often the simple, hard-working citizen is not part of it.

  • Therefore we set up OSS based networks. Modify and tailor OSS for everybody to have his needs matched. We do not deliver more GUI than necessary.
  • That is why we have an s3-Package which is so easy-to-use that anybody can be a webmaster.
  • Therefore we consult SMEs on how to optimise their resource usage.
  • Therefore we have simple solutions for our clients, and that, actually, cost-efficient…

What our Customers say

Roman Varisco, Handballclub Pfadi-Dietlikon:

"Together with IPIA we have found a solution where I have control. It is so simple that without
having to learn technical know-how I can modify the website myself effortless."

More Information

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